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Permanent and virtual exhibitions
World's food World's food
Discover the astounding itinerary of the world's foods from the field to the dish. Compare their nutritional functions, histories, production, transformation, consumption, and the cultural traditions they are attached to.
History of food and agriculture History of food and agriculture
From his origin, man struggled endlessly to get food. But the forms of this quest have greatly changed... 
Farmers and farming over the world Farmers and farming over the world
On a worldwide scale, farming shows a great diversity, and farmers are nonetheless different.
Le Banquet de l'Humanité The "Banquet de l'Humanité"
Although some people would say  that "we are all in the same boat", the "Banquet de l’Humanité" is here to show that each one eats according to one’s income, food resources and cultural background. 
Permanent exhibition
Agrarian landscapes of the world Agrarian landscapes of the world
Man cleared forests, maintained pasture lands with herds,  cultivated domesticated plants, converted mountains and rivers,  irrigated soils. Discover the agrarian landscapes shaped by man, sit down in front of the giant screen for color-slides projections, and let your mind drift along to the four sides of the world.

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