Botanical sheet - The vegetable garden
Botanical sheet - The vegetable garden
Vilmorin, Andrieux & Co, Seeds merchants - Painted (lithography) by Élisa Champin,…
Imp. Lemercier et Cie, rue de Seine, Paris, 1850-1884

New edition. Loan by M. Chauvet (INRA)

In addition to the white sugar beet, this sheet shows some vegetables which are no longer grown, like a yellow, ellipsoid cucumber, a violet carrot, a purple radish, and a green skinned cantaloupe melon.

On the other hand, it is also worth emphasizing that the cherry-tomato or the pear-tomato are not at all as new as one tends to believe.

A real dynasty of seed merchants, the Vilmorin-Andrieux family played a pioneering role in plant selection. As far as vegetables were concerned, they decided to systematically describe and illustrate all the varieties they got from Europe and from the rest of the world.