Back to items maporigin : Pays Basque, France
material : walnut woodbois de noyer
dimensions (cm) : H=14, D=24
date : 19th century
collection Agropolis-Museum, Inv. n° 97.1.50

The form stretched forward is adapted to that of the ewe. The milker places himself behind the ewe and reaches for the teats between the legs of the animal. The milk flow is directed towards the pot at the rear of the animal. The pot can either be held by the handle in the milker’s other hand, or be placed on the floor.
Details :
Milking pot
Milking pot
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Milking for human consumption ...
Hand milking requires some know-how from the breeder as well as tools that are appropriate for the work. Milking is a real constraint because it has to be carried out twice a day during most of the year. From the beginning of the 20 th century, the task was made easier by the introduction of milking machines. Hand milking, however, remains largely practised around the world.

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