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Back to items map origin : Abalak, Niger
material : fire engraved wood
dimension (cm) du tabouret : L=29, W=17, H=15
pot : H=31, W=27, D=23 / louche : L=25, W=10.5
date : 1997
collection Agropolis-Museum

The stool is used by Niger Tuaregs to milk cows and goats in particular, whereas the pot is used for collecting milk, including camel milk.
Milking stool details :
Milking stoolMilking stoolMilking stool

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Milking for human consumption ...
Hand milking requires some know-how from the breeder as well as tools that are appropriate for the work. Milking is a real constraint because it has to be carried out twice a day during most of the year. From the beginning of the 20 th century, the task was made easier by the introduction of milking machines. Hand milking, however, remains largely practised around the world.

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