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BOW (enkawuo) and

Back to items maporigin : Kiserian, Kenya
material : wood, fibres, pieces of tyre
dimensions (cm) : bow: L=122 / arrow : L=60, D=1
date : end 20th century
collection Agropolis-Museum, Inv. n° 96.3.322 et 319

The bow is used to propel the arrow and cut the jugular vein of the cow. The blade at the end of the arrow is very sharp but a ligature on the arrow limits its penetration to avoid wounding the animal.
details of the tip of the arrow
Blood arrow : detailBlood arrow : detailBlood arrow : detail
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Blood consumption by the Massai :
The Massai are a population of shepherds living in Kenya and Tanzania. Animals are being raised with much respect, and are neither slaughtered nor consumed, except under very peculiar circumstances (birth, ceremonies, etc.).
The cows produce milk which is an important food. When milk becomes scarce during the dry season, or as required for cultural reasons, Massai would consume cattle blood without killing the animals.

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Bow and blood arrow

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