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Back to items maporigin : Congo (formerly Zaire)
matierial : wood, plants parts, metal, feathers
dimensions (cm) : L=80-128, D=1
date : 20th century
collection Agropolis-Museum, Inv. n° 97.1.37 à 39 et 41

Arrow 1 : with a globular head to knock down small preys (birds, etc.).

Arrow 2 : the shape of the tip prevents the arrow from getting out of the animal.

Arrow 3 :
the forked tip with notches allows to catch reptiles for instance.

Arrow 4 : with detachable tip that remains both within the body of the animal and attached to the staff through a small cord to hobble the animal.
Tip Details :
  Tip1           Tip2         Tip3        Tip4
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Autres objets

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