Agro-industrial times 19th centuryToday


The agro-industrial period is characterized by a combination of agricultural and indutrial activities and by services.

It is a time for agro-industrial food products, transformed and prepared from agricultural products by the agro-food industry.

The industrial revolution changed the working conditions used to obtain agro-food products by many ways :

stimulating the scientific research,

increasing education rate among farmers,

inventing adapted tools according to an increasing production

revolution in transportation which allowed to develope a worldwide economy,

transforming agricultural products into agro-industrial food-products,

contribution to the accession of  a society of mass consumption.

Industrialized societies reached the stage of mass consumption though even the richest societies could not eradicate starvation.

In underdeveloped poor countries starvation and malnutrition remain. The old struggle of man against food shortage  is an ongoing struggle.


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